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The picture on the left is a 40 year old Swedish lady called Lindha Vikstrom. She weighed 309 pounds (22 stone 1 pound) and had been trying to diet for 26 years. Then she changed her life by cutting our carbohydrate and replacing it with fat; she adopted the LCHF diet. The picture on the right is her 18 months later after she lost 154 pounds. Her husband lost 88 pounds at the same time. She says that she has no difficulty keeping the weight off and she is full of energy. She had been unable to wear her wedding ring for 15 years but now it fits perfectly.

People from all over the world are benefitting from the same Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) approach to food that we need to adopt in the UK.

  • After only four months on LCHF, a 28 year old American mother of four lost 33 pounds of weight and 7 inches from her waist. Her headaches disappeared and her fingers stopped tingling.
  • An American 55 year old, obese woman with a BMI of 35 lost 37 pounds in six months. She no longer craves food, her joints don’t hurt and she says she is always in a better mood than she used to be.
  • A 32 year old Romanian man with Type 2 Diabetes weighed 22 stone and 7 pounds before he started eating LCHF. A year after his change of lifestyle he lost 93 pounds. His blood sugar levels are now normal and he no longer needs medication.
  • Professor Timothy Noakes of South Africa was not overweight and ran everyday but he still developed Type 2 diabetes because of his high carbohydrate intake. After changing to LCHF his blood sugar returned to normal, his diabetic symptoms disappeared and his running times improved.

There are a lot more men and women who have not just lost weight but greatly improved their health. Rather than list them all, I want to be able to replace these examples with British people who have changed their lives for the better. Perhaps you and your success will be on this page one day.

Take responsibility for your weight, health and happiness.

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