Who wants to lose a Million Pounds is an opportunity for you to lose weight and become healthy, without feeling hungry and without going on a diet. Members of our group soon discover there is no need to count calories, because we think about nourishment and nutrition instead. We enjoy eating real food and we avoid highly processed, industrial fake food. You will learn why it is best to ignore the myths and mis-information we have all been given for decades. We rely on the very latest scientific research to show you why and how.

Lifetime of better health

Who wants to lose a Million Pounds is a long term strategy and life-style change. This website will show you to eat the food your body needs – the food that nourishes and satisfies you. You will be encouraged to eat food that comes from a farmer or a fisherman and not from a factory. Evidence from all over the world shows that people who change from eating processed food to eating real food, with lots of healthy fat and very little carbohydrate, see their excess weight fall off. At the same time, their physical and mental health improve across a wide range of measurements.

Some people have been able to reverse their type 2 Diabetes by eating properly, to the astonishment of some doctors. Others have lowered their blood pressure or reduced their medication for depression by changing to a low carbohydrate, high fat diet (LCHF). (If you are taking medication, you should never stop suddenly just because you have changed your diet. The people who have become medication-free through this type of diet, did so gradually under suitable supervision.)

Record your progress

Members of this site can have their own weight loss target but collectively all the members are trying to lose a total of One Million Pounds. When we achieve this it will be the greatest weight loss initiative ever seen in the UK. You can be part of it – you can be one of the weight loss ‘millionaires’.

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