Too many people are overweight and obese. There are about 60 million people in the UK and a third of them has a BMI over 25 and another quarter has a BMI over 30 . We all know this is bad but what does it really mean? How heavy is that? If an overweight person has 2 stone of excess body fat and an obese person has 5 stone, the UK population is more than two thousand million pounds overweight! 

Why are so many people fat and ill?

If you are overweight, you have probably been told to “eat less and move more”. This is the wrong advice because it suggests that it is all your fault. It implies that you are overweight because you are greedy (eat too much) and lazy (don’t move enough). It is not your fault. The real reason people become fat, and struggle to lose it, is because they eat the wrong type of food. We have been told for over 30 years that we should base our meals on carbohydrate (bread, potatoes, pasta) and eat very little fat (butter, lard, cream, eggs, cheese). This became official, national guidance in 1983. (The UK, and most of the rest of the world, followed America after they produced dietary guidelines in 1977.) The food industry took their opportunity to make huge profits by selling us processed foods with the natural fat taken out and replaced by sugar. This is what happened to the obesity rate when they messed with our food..


and this is what happened to our children….


We have all been told to “avoid saturated fat because it increases your risk of heart disease”. There is no scientific proof of this – there never was any proof. We are eating huge amounts of sugar, which has no nutritional value whatsoever, and we are avoiding the health benefits of naturally occurring fat. Because of this, millions of people are overweight, unhappy, lethargic and distinctly unwell. Now is the time to do something about it.

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