Although there are hundreds of different diseases, they can be arranged into two groups; infectious diseases we catch from bacteria or viruses, and metabolic diseases that develop when our normal biology is disrupted. As little as 150 years ago, infectious diseases like tuberculosis, smallpox, cholera and typhus were killing people in their thousands. It is reckoned that out of all the people who died in England between 1800 and 1850, one third of them died from tuberculosis. Such awful diseases have practically disappeared from the modern world because of sanitation, vaccination and antibiotics. We are all very lucky to live at a point in history when we don’t have to worry that most of our family and friends could be wiped out by the next epidemic.

Surely, we should all be enjoying a lifetime of excellent health but clearly we are not. We now suffer from epidemics of metabolic disease. Why are so many of us suffering from ailments that cannot be caught from someone else? We have evolved a fantastic system of homeostasis that controls our metabolism and biology. It is designed to keep us healthy and happy throughout our lives but for many people it is broken. Lifestyle is the cause and diet is the most critical part of lifestyle. A poor diet causes a whole range of serious diseases. Please select an item from the drop-down menu to learn how to avoid, or reverse, these terrible conditions.