The problems facing the NHS are going to be a major topic during this election campaign, just as they always are. Each party will promise to spend more to support our beloved National Health Service and each party will remind us that we have a right to free health care. Politicians have been saying this for decades and every year we spend more money. No matter how much we spend, we need to spend more the following year. Last year’s bill was £120 billion but the system is still struggling to cope. How can people go on believing that spending more money is the answer?

The politicians keep answering the wrong question. Surely, we need to stop asking how much does the NHS need and start asking ‘Why are so many people ill?’ The NHS is over-stretched and over-worked because so many people have metabolic diseases. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease and various cancers are an enormous burden on the health service and, of course, a blight on so many lives.

We spend £120 billion a year on treating the symptoms of these diseases and pay lip service to preventing them. The NHS is an enormous institution and, like all institutions, the people in it suffer from ‘institutionalised thinking’. They never step back and ask questions like ‘Which assumptions are we making and accepting that might be wrong and might be the cause of our problems?’

The answer to their problems is truly ironic. It is the NHS that causes the problems faced by the NHS. They are treating sick people every day because those same people have followed NHS advice. This problem began in 1983. That was when the Government issued its first Official Dietary Guidelines. The guidelines were copied from the American guidelines that had been introduced in 1977. We were all told, that to avoid heart disease, we had to reduce our intake of fat, especially saturated fat, and replace it with carbohydrate. The publicity behind this dogma has been so effective that everybody now believes that saturated fat clogs our arteries and causes heart attacks. There is no evidence for this and there never has been.

Too many carbohydrates cause weight gain through their effect on insulin. Type 2 diabetes can be reversed by severe restriction of carbohydrate. Cancer cells require sugar to thrive and can be defeated by a low carbohydrate diet. This is well established information but the health authorities chose to ignore it.

We have reached a position where people are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health and are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food. Big food companies make a fortune selling us highly processed fake food which they lace with addictive substances like sugar. Big drug companies encourage the education of doctors to always think in terms of which drug to give for a problem. Doctors are not taught to think about what caused the problem and how to reverse it.

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One thought on “The NHS is killing itself

  • 11th May 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Sounds like good sense to me Charlie. I’m 75 now and had my free health check in March this year. It didn’t amount to much really, all much as you described although I didn’t ask for and wasn’t given a lot in the way of facts and figures, rather just told I had nothing to worry about as my BP, Heart rate , blood sugars etc. were all normal , and as I’m still an active old geezer, running and cycling I accepted what I was told. Although I do agree with what you’ve said , with respect to the NHS they have so many problems already that to pillory them further at present would seem unjust, and with the amount of publicity relating to good dietary habits and exercise which we get anyway people have to get a grip and think for themselves, there’s too much reliance on the ‘nanny’ state.


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