When you join Who wants to lose a Million Pounds you join a group of people who are determined to lose weight and keep it off. The aim of the whole group is to lose a million pounds in total and show the world that obesity can be defeated. Your aim will be to lose your excess weight and live a long, healthy, happy life. 

Your membership includes

  • A personal page where you can record your weight as you progress. It automatically calculates how much you have lost and displays it on a chart.
  • A list of foods to eat at any time; a list of foods to eat occasionally and a list of foods to avoid.
  • Regular articles and updates on how to enjoy delicious food – food that satisfies and nourishes you.
  • Video clips by specialists in this field.
  • Recipes and meal suggestions.
  • Regular articles on why you must avoid processed food and replace it with real food.
  • Posts and articles on why exercise is vital to your physical and mental health but will not help you lose weight unless you change your diet.
  • Ideas on what type of exercise to do to improve your health.
  • Information on the extraordinary health benefits of a low carb, high fat diet.
  • The latest information on childhood development.
  • The truth about cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and much more.

 At only £5.99 per month for Individual Membership and a mere £8.99 per month for a family, the cost for all of this is less than a cup of coffee each week.

Take responsibility for your weight, health and happiness

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