Activity Breaks

Children benefit from strenuous and fun bursts of activity

Are you a primary school teacher with a class of children who find it hard to concentrate all day? Are you a parent who wants your child’s party to be active and fun? Scientific research suggests that you need to consider using Activity Breaks. These are a series of energetic and fun activities which take place in the classroom (or at home) and last between three and five minutes. They are a mixture of exercises, games and songs which can be used three to five times a day during lessons. They improve brain function, general behaviour and attention span and they are enjoyed by all of the children.

I have put Activity Breaks into seven Primary Schools in the North East of England. At each school, the teachers reported that the activities were easy to take, the children enjoyed them and there was a definite improvement in attention span and focus afterwards. The time taken up by an activity is recouped by the improved concentration of the students. Because all the activities are fun, the children embrace them and develop an association between exercise and enjoyment. This works in the classroom and at a child’s party.

There are 14 activities on the downloadable cards below. (Four per A4 page, with one set of instructions and one blank.) They are free for you to use. If you print them on to card and cut the card into quarters, you will have a set of A6 cards which can be easily stored.

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Scientific evidence for Activity Breaks.

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