The Problem

Too many people are overweight and obese. There are about 60 million people in the UK and a third of them has a BMI over 25 and another quarter has a BMI over 30 . We all know this is bad but what does it really mean? How heavy is that? If an overweight person has 2 stone of excess body fat and an obese person has 5 stone, the UK population is more than 2,000 million pounds overweight.
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The Solution

We need to stop eating processed junk food that makes us ill and start eating real food that makes us well. Who wants to lose a Million Pounds is an opportunity for you to lose weight and become healthy, without feeling hungry and without going on a diet. As a member of our group you will discover why there is no need to count calories and why you should think about nourishment and nutrition instead.

The Details

When you join Who wants to lose a Million Pounds you join a group of people who are determined to lose weight and keep it off. The aim of the whole group is to lose a million pounds in total and show the world that obesity can be defeated. Your aim will be to lose your excess weight and live a long, healthy, happy life.

Total Weight Lost by all of our Members So Far

You too can become one of our weight loss 'millionaires'

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Don’t eat like this

Don’t eat like this

Have you tried to lose weight before? Have you been on a diet where you count the calories and eat tiny portions? Were you told it is all about ‘calories in – calories out’? Did you lose weight at first but then put it all back on? Everybody puts the weight back on because calorie restricted diets DO NOT WORK in the long term. There are two major biological reasons why they fail.Those two reasons are Metabolism and Hormones....

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What the experts say

Poor diet contributes to more disease and death than smoking, physical inactivity and alcohol combined.

The Lancet's Global Burden of Disease Report

People are fed by the food industry which pays no attention to health and are treated by the health industry which pays no attention to food,

Dr Mark Hyman

Corporate greed and political failure in the food industry have brought health care to its knees. More than 75% of health care costs now go toward treating chronic metabolic diseases, which are a result of food industry spin and false information. Curbing the global obesity problem will require changing what we eat because you cannot outrun a bad diet.

Dr Aseem Malhotra

Take responsibility for your own weight, health and happiness.

Discover how to lose weight and improve your health without feeling hungry

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